Externally Managed Account

Profx Market customers can choose outsider dealers to exchange their record for their benefit legitimately on one of the Profx Market stages. Profx Market innovation enables its customers to set a stop misfortune to restrict greatest hazard or drawn down level on the record. Profx Market customers must be outrageous careful in their determination of an outsider dealer for their record and guarantee they screen the exchanging movement to check it is being embraced as foreseen.

Profx Market's special Externally Managed Account ( EMA ) innovation enables customers to set up their EMA with the accompanying decisions, parameters:

  • 1. Decision of base money of the store (EUR, USD, GBP and AUD)
  • 2. Prompt Trading de-initiation permits Profx Market customers to square exchanging on their oversaw records whenever, and with quick impact
  • 3. Value insurance: the stop misfortune level usefulness furnishes customers with authority over their most extreme misfortune. Profx Market customers can, for instance, consequently hinder broker's movement past a certain drawdown level
  • 4. Moment day in and day out detailing access to the record explanations enables customers to screen the exchanging action on their oversaw record on the web
  • 5. With the depositary foundation's assent, customers can keep their store at their own bank and have it exchanged on the Profx Market EMA stage
  • 6. In synopsis, Profx Market innovation offers its customers a modern, controlled and secure condition in which outsider directors may exchange records of their benefit.

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