Trading in share CFDs provides you with access to the stock market of some of the larger, well-known companies such as Amazon.

This is one of the most beneficial aspects of trading CFDs, as the trader is therefore shielded from any negative corporate events, such as bankruptcy or company collapse.

PROFX Market offers its clients over 100 US company shares. Choose from shares of leading US companies, our selection includes major names such as:

Contract for Difference - US Shares

Trade US shares
Apple Chevron
Gap Mattel
Baidu Medtronic
American Eagle Citi Group
Bank of America General Motors
BP MetLife
Cisco Alphabet Inc
Southwest Airlines Amgen
Mosaic ConocoPhillips Electric Arts
Johnson & Johnson  

Key Reasons to Trade Share CFDs

  1. Access to direct liquidity pricing & live data from NYSE & NASDAQ
  2. Convenient trading hours
  3. Great solution for portfolio diversification

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